Message From Head Manger

Pars Civil Asia Consulting Engineers Company, with the focus on knowledge and experience and based on “with a new idea for construction” in 1383, has started its activities in the water and wastewater industry. All managers and shareholders of these consulting engineers are experienced experts. They are countries that each have a long history in engineering affairs in various fields and have created a complete and valuable combination according to the needs of the engineering community.
One of the important characteristics and reflecting the beliefs of Pars Civil Asia Consulting Engineers is the commitment to the aspects of professional ethics and technical and engineering standards in providing services in this vital and basic industry. To this end, we have tried to put responsibility for employers, society and the environment at the forefront of our services, and with knowledge, creativity and innovation, we can be one of the most capable and reputable consulting engineering companies in the near future. Be national and regional level. As a consulting engineer, we always strive to adhere to domestic and international regulations and standards, pay attention to safety and environmental requirements, and observe the three principles of quality, time and cost of choosing the right employer.


Pars Omran Asia Consulting Engineers Company, a provider of engineering and consulting services in the water and wastewater industry

نام شركت : مهندسين مشاور پارس عمران آسيا

نوع شركت :  سهامي خاص

سال تاسيس : 1383

شماره ثبت :  242627  تهران

 رتبه 2 – خدمات مشاور در گروه مهندسي تاسیسات  آب و فاضلاب

: اعضاء هیئت مدیره و سهامداران

مير بهروز محسن قاسمي                         مدير عامل(کارشناسی ارشد- مهندسی عمران)

حميد رضا كلارستاقي                                رئيس هيئت مديره (دانشجو دکترا رشته آب و فاضلاب)

مصطفی بهشتيان اردكاني                       نائب رئیس هيئت مديره (کارشناسی ارشد – مهندسی شیمی)

حمید شفیعی آزاد                                    سهامدار ( کارشناس ارشد- مهندسی برق)

علی بهشتیان اردکانی                              سهامدار ( کارشناس ارشد- مهندسی زلزله)

دفتر مركزي : تهران- خيابان ايرانشهر شمالي-ساختمان كسري  – طبقه سوم جنوبی – پلاك 197

   تلفن :  88831518-88813368 (9821+)    فكس : 88309738  (9821+)


انجام خدمات مهندسي مشاور در زمينه   ” طراحي ساخت ”   تا مرحله نظارت بر توليد و نصب و بهره برداري واحدهاي مختلف تاسيسات شهري

انجام خدمات مهندسي مشاور از مرحله شناخت تا انتهاي مرحله سوم مطالعات  ( نظارت بر اجراء ) با توجه به نيازهاي طرحها و كارفرمايان

 انجام خدمات مهندسي در زمينه مديريت كنترل طرحهائي كه توسط شركتهاي مشاور ديگر انجام شده كه موسوم به  ” ركن چهارم ” مي باشد