About Us

Pars Omran Asia Consulting Engineering was established in 2005 with aim of ” with new ideas for development ” in fields of Water, Gas & Oil and Electrical projects. The firm is registrated in Tehran, Iran and is fully operational. share holders of the firm are four highly experienced career engineers in

 fields of Civil, Mechanical, Petrochemical and Power. With this composition, Pars Omran Asia intends to utilized it’s vast partners experience in providing services such as :

  • Engineering services for E.P.C. and D.B.O. Projects
  • Consulting services from recognition and feasibility study stages up to design and supervision.
  • Managerial consultancy services during construction & commissioning.

Pars Omran Asia is an independent company, having 2rd degree license in Iran for water and wastewater technology, providing engineering services including basic and detail engineering management consultancy, vendor evaluation and Tendering. In addition as an independent consultant P.O.A. provides full engineering services to manufacturing and industrial companies. Our experienced Engineers and experts are main asset in design and engineering services to any successful project.



Looking to the future and recognizing people’s needs, Pars Omran Asia is a firm with vision and skills to address tomorrow’s challenges. Water, Environment and Energy are our main attentions and by Providing excellent and comprehensive engineering services, we believe our obligation, no matter how small, for well being of our next generation will be fulfilled. This recognition has able us to join with other engineers and exports who share our thought and goals in Pars omran Asia with a diversity in our services in a way that, future demands. Study and research and developing new techniques according to International norm of conducts, are our major priority in operation, which we believe, will yield in scientific management in engineering services.


The company runs by five member board of directors, with it’s managing director as the chief executive officer, in charge of running day to day activities (see chart).The head office of Pars Omran Asia is located in capital city of Tehran, Iran and with growing demands for our services, opening other offices in major water & industrial region are foreseen. The head office is in two story building with 350 square meters of office and utility spaces, houses over 25 engineering staff and technicians.