A Message from Managing Director and CEO


Pars Omran Asia Consulting Engineers Company, with focus on knowledge and experience and “with a new idea for development”, has started its activities in the water and wastewater industry in 2004.Principals and founders are all career experienced engineers in various civil engineering fields in which they provide valuable and comprehensive services for engineering communities.

One of the important characteristic which reflects the beliefs of Pars Omran Asia is the dedication to the aspects of professional ethics and technical and engineering standards in providing services in this vital and basic industry. To this end, we are committal  to our  employers, society in general and environment by acquiring knowledge, creativity and innovation, in order to become one of the most capable and reputable consulting engineering company,  on national and regional level.

in order to become clients prime choice of engineering services,we always comply with domestic and international regulations and standards, particularly paying attention to safety and environmental requirements, while observe the three principles of quality, time and cost , in any project.

Behrooz Ghasemi

Pars Omran Asia Consulting Engineers Company, a provider of engineering and consulting services in the water and wastewater industry

Company Name: Pars Civil Asia Consulting Engineers

Type of company: Special stock

Year of Establishment: 1383

Registration number: 242627 Tehran

Rank 2 – Consulting Services in Water and Wastewater Installation Engineering Group

Board members and shareholders:

Mir Behrooz Mohsen Ghasemi Managing Director (Master of Civil Engineering)

Hamid Reza Clarestaghi Chairman of the Board (PhD Student in Water and Wastewater)

Mostafa Beheshtian Ardakani Vice Chairman of the Board (M.Sc. – Chemical Engineering)

Hamid Shafiei Azad Shareholder (Master of Electrical Engineering)

Ali Beheshtian Ardakani Shareholder (Master of Earthquake Engineering)

Head Office: Tehran – North Iranshahr St. – Kasra Building – South Third Floor – No. 197

Phone: (9821+) 88831518-88813368  – Fax: (9821+) 88309738


Email: info@parsomran.com

Performing consulting engineering services in the field of “construction design” up to the stage of supervising the production, installation and operation of various units of urban facilities

Performing consulting engineering services from the recognition stage to the end of the third stage of studies (implementation supervision) according to the needs of the project and employers

Performing engineering services in the field of control management of projects performed by other consulting companies, which is called the “fourth pillar”.